Wednesday 6 February 2008

Inaugral post - 2008

lca was a fantastic effort this year.

The miniconfs were really well organised, as far as I could tell. AV was spot on for the main conf - having the keynotes streamed live was awesome. Open day was also a great success.

Due to illness I missed a fair swathe of the conference - but the parts I did see, I enjoyed very much. The dinners' themes of the Cathedral (Speakers) and the Bazaar (Penguin) was also a really good idea.

Monday - miniconfs. I got to run around being generally helpful, which was awesome. Matthew Garret fixed suspend on my laptop for me - I was only introduced afterwards.
Tuesday - more miniconfs + speakers dinner. More running around, hung out with very shiny people.
Wednesday - Bruce Schnier's keynote. Melbourne Hospital. Sigh. Missed Penguin dinner :(
Thursday - Stormy Peter's keynote. Interesting talks, more cool people, OLPCs everywhere! Twisted meetup that evening, google student party, PDNS.
Friday - Anthony Baxter's keynote. Talks on google, census.
Saturday - Open Day! Played DDR. Watched pong. Saw a best-of. Talked to more excessively cool people.

All in all, a good conference. Well done guys and gals. 

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