Tuesday 22 April 2008

Wireless and network interface fragility

For some reason, I've noticed that trying to turn my wireless off and on occasionally hard locks my machine under feisty fawn. Hmm. Must investigate further.

Wednesday 6 February 2008

Gutsy, Dell XPS M1330 and a very large external monitor

My Dell has an nvidia card. I run Gutsy. At work I have a 24" widescreen (Acer AL2416W) to plug into my laptop to use as a primary screen, so I have more screen real estate to work with.

It took me a couple of hours to arrive at a workable solution.

Note to self for future reference: DO NOT USE displayconfig-gtk. It doesn't know what the work monitor is, and throws errors when trying to use mirror mode.

DO use nvidia-settings. This is part of nvidia-glx-new. However, backing up the xorg.conf file first is a remarkably good idea.

At present, I don't know of a good way to set up xorg.conf profiles, I guess, depending on whether or not I'm at work. Any ideas, lazyweb?

Inaugral post - linux.conf.au 2008

lca was a fantastic effort this year.

The miniconfs were really well organised, as far as I could tell. AV was spot on for the main conf - having the keynotes streamed live was awesome. Open day was also a great success.

Due to illness I missed a fair swathe of the conference - but the parts I did see, I enjoyed very much. The dinners' themes of the Cathedral (Speakers) and the Bazaar (Penguin) was also a really good idea.

Monday - miniconfs. I got to run around being generally helpful, which was awesome. Matthew Garret fixed suspend on my laptop for me - I was only introduced afterwards.
Tuesday - more miniconfs + speakers dinner. More running around, hung out with very shiny people.
Wednesday - Bruce Schnier's keynote. Melbourne Hospital. Sigh. Missed Penguin dinner :(
Thursday - Stormy Peter's keynote. Interesting talks, more cool people, OLPCs everywhere! Twisted meetup that evening, google student party, PDNS.
Friday - Anthony Baxter's keynote. Talks on google, census.
Saturday - Open Day! Played DDR. Watched pong. Saw a best-of. Talked to more excessively cool people.

All in all, a good conference. Well done guys and gals.