Monday 19 January 2009

May you live in interesting times


I must say, the joy of travel palled for me a little yesterday.

The airtrain bit was great. Checkin with Qantas was fine - although my flight was early (wtf?) so I nearly missed bagcheck.

Anyway. Got on the aeroplane, spent ages just sitting around. Obviously there was at least one other person who had planned to turn up on time instead of early. Finally took off, the flight was ... flight-like. Nothing particularly of note.

Got off aeroplane in Melbourne. Retrieved baggage, checked back in with Jetstar, and wandered the terminal looking for food (it's only 8pm or thereabouts). Finally found a vending machine, and paid ridiculous prices for a snack. My flight to Hobart was scheduled for 10pm. Which was fine.

We left at 11pm. That sucked.

Disembarked at the airport ... and no taxis. It's midnight, it's chilly, and there are no taxis. 20 minutes later, after sitting on the concrete and security staff making phonecalls, a taxi turns up. The taxi dude is kind of cool, though - he knows what linux is, and dicks around with electronics in his spare time. Awesome. Get to the uni and press the silver button and ... I've fallen off a list. After about an hour of digging through, they say 'sleep here, check back in the morning'. Kudos to those lovely reception people - it was *really* late, and they went above and beyond.

So, after leaving home at 8am brisbane time, I crawled into bed at 1.30am Hobart time. The downside to all this?

I haven't had a coffee yet.

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