Tuesday 20 April 2010

Money, damn money


I'm starting to resent the thought of going back to work. I know that once I'm in the groove, doing new things, learning stuff, getting along ... it'll be fine. But right now, going through the job-search process is just soulcrushing.

On top of that, is that I've just gotten into the swing of things with uni. I feel comfortable with my studies, keeping up with classes, doing assignments, etc. well, I would, if I didn't spend so much time being depressed about finding work. As I write this entry, I have a half-hour overdue assignment I should be writing. Oh, and I should be brushing up on my (very rusty, unused since last year) programming skills, so I don't totally screw up my interview on Thursday. The day before I move house. Two days before the next assignment is due. Oh, and an online exam I haven't even looked at the course material for.

It's a bit difficult to be cheerful just now. I'm trying. And not succeeding too well.


  1. Elspeth - you did not blog about the success / failure of the interview? If you are interested in an Open source / Java position in Brissy - pleaser contact me.


  2. That one fell through, but I'm now employed by redhat as a content author, looking forward to starting work soon.