Thursday 28 October 2010

Status quo

An easy thing to write about is updating where I'm at at present, in various aspects.

I'm studying. That's freaking me out a bit, because I haven't been keeping up with my studies at all, and I have an exam on Tuesday 2nd November. That is stressing me out a lot. I'm going to be spending the next few days buried in wine chemistry, which should do interesting things to my brain.

Speaking of november, that's NaNoWriMo! My plan is to write that long-awaited DnD campaign. I have no idea if there's 50k words in it, but I do know that I can probably get most of the way there, especially as many of my workmates will also be doing NaNo, so I'll have a lot of peer support and encouragement. I'll write more about the project as it evolves.

I'm on the get-healthy-lose-weight-get-fit kick again. I'm cycling to and from work a few times a week (when weather and health permits), using the cycle2city centre as my work terminus. I'm eating a mostly-Paleo diet, with a few slipups. I've started seeing a personal trainer again, and I'm working on my upper body strength mostly, which is currently in an entirely woeful state. I'm hoping to be a fit, strong, healthy size 10 by my 30th birthday in May. Mental health wise, aside from a few incidents here and there, I'm doing well. No major depression, no major anxiety to talk about aside from the occasional spike, and usually for cause. I have my off days, but by and large, I'd say I'm almost normal, for just about the first time in my life. And it's been long enough like this that it feels normal, which is wonderful.

I'm working fulltime, as a Content Author at RedHat. I'm enjoying the work and not finding it overly challenging at present. It's nice not to be stressed out of my mind while working for a change.

I'm still a committee member for Linux Australia. We're working on some pretty useful, although possibly not exciting things that should be good for the org in the long term. I'm enjoying it quite a lot, especially the bit where I get to work with awesome people. I'm looking forward to LCA, where I will not be volunteering (I hope) and actually get to enjoy the conference. I probably won't be speaking; I can't think of anything to actually speak about that either hasn't been done to death, or might possibly be relevant. Seriously, most of my tech stuff these days has to do with wine production, and whilst that's very interesting, I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a place at an IT conference.

I've also been doing a fair amount of volunteering and participation in various wine events. I stewarded at the Royal Queensland Wine Show at the RNA and the Courier Mail-Mecure Queensland Wine Show recently. I'm heading down to a Purple Palate event, Juicy Fruits, next week on Thursday evening, and really looking forward to it.

In my clearly obviously copious spare time, I'm playing World of Warcraft, Fallout: New Vegas, going to lots of #btub events, and painting my nails interesting colours.

So. That's me at the moment.

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  1. I dunno, there was a talk on using technology to brew beer at LCA 2006, so you could probably get a talk on wine in if you wanted.