Saturday 9 April 2011

365project, bonanza edition - Day 33, March 30, to Day 43, April 9.

I've been somewhat busy lately, so I haven't been posting my photos.

As always, click on the photos to go through to their galleries, and please thumbs up any you particularly like.

In any case, here they are for the 10 days:

Day 33, March 30.
Wet Red.

I have been trying to get a good photograph of geraniums for a few weeks. Finally got some that turned out.

Day 34, March 31.

I called this one Changelog. I know it's a pun, but eh, seemed appropriate at the time.

Day 35, April 1.
Backfill day. This photo was taken on the 8th April.

Yellow Bells

Day 36, April 2.
Grown-up Sorbet

These sorbets were very grown up indeed. Passionfruit and mango; lime, gin and pineapple; and chilli and shiraz. Delicious, although the chilli one was really quite spicy. Part of a meal with my mother-in-law at Litse - we took her out there for dinner after picking up my shiny DSLR (DSLR wheeeeeeeee!).

Day 37, April 3.
Dun Dun Duuuhhhhn

So of course I had to take photos of the new shiny. Here it is, in all its glory.

Day 38, April 4.
Mine, all mine!

And today I got a lens. And took 200ish photos. >_> I may have been a little ... enthusiastic. Or maybe a lot enthusiastic. Um. New toy geekery is my excuse. I did a whole post on some of my favourites. Instead of doing my climate assignment. Oops.

Also, for some reason when I set the aperture to greater than about 4ish indoors at night, the shutter speed goes to something like 1/10 or worse, and I have no idea why. And my hands shake. Getting the distinct feeling I need either better/more lights at home, or a tripod, or both.

Anyway. I think this is my favourite photo of the night.

Trying to add this photo to was the point where I discovered that apparently, .JPG is not an image file extension, although .jpg is. Hrm, said I. Approximately.

Day 39, April 5.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Day 40, April 6.
Morning light

Taken about 6.15 in the morning. The sunrise on a cushion near my balcony door.

Day 41, April 7.
A simple meal

Gluten free gnocchi, lamb, and home-made pesto. My first ever pesto, in fact. It worked really well, and the meal was absolutely delicious. Not only that - nearly all the photos I took of it didn't suck! That's a first for me and food photography, for sure. Here's a bonus one:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Day 42, April 8.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Tough choice for today - I had two photos I liked equally. Fortunately, I missed the 1st of April, so I got to include both photos :) Serendipity, for sure.

Day 43, April 9.
Love is a red, red … chrysanthemum?
A red chrysanthemum Steve got for me. I'm not entirely sure I did it justice, but oh well. I tried.

Which brings me up to date for today. Yay! Hopefully, I will get some time later today to implement a more streamlined process, and also hopefully, I won't have so much interference from assignments and whatnot in future. Also, I will read the rest of the camera manual so I can play with something other than the aperture.

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