Sunday 2 January 2011

The silly season, and the silliness involved

So, Christmas happened again.

This year was pretty relaxed. The inlaws were in Melbourne, and we went up the coast to stay with my parents for a few days. Perfect beach weather with the pouring rain and blowing wind.

On the upside, I did get to spend a lot of time with my parents, who are truly awesome people.

We drove up (in the usual fascinating Christmas Eve traffic), went to Midnight Mass, had champers, and opened presents. I got some really awesome earrings (shiny), blank dice (squee!),  money towards wine textbooks (awesome) and some fabulously fashionable reidel stemless shiraz glasses (yay!).

I was also completely offline for twitter, email and sms, because my phone did not believe in working 3g at Caloundra. So, sorry twitter peeps, and people who sent me messages - I didn't get them until I got back to Brisbane on Wednesday, and I declared twitter bankruptcy and didn't read my 8k message backlog.

It was a good holiday, despite the rain that blew in, got into a power socket, and took the house power down one evening. And the fog that settled over the house and made the floors into puddles for a day. But, I got lots of good time with the other half, which made it all good.

I even got up to Maroochydore to go boxing day shopping with Mum. I got new sheets made of bamboo. And found interesting things, and gave up on the thing after a while once I had what I needed, and went and sulked for two days because I was all peopled out.

There's a cafe in Caloundra where I can have a CHOICE OF THREE THINGS FROM THE CAKE CABINET WHICH IS AMAZINGLY AWESOME. *cough* Sorry, first time I've been able to have anything at all from the cake cabinet with my coffee since May.

It's the little things.

New Years' was spent in the company of good friends who we don't get to see as often as any of us would like. It was a good evening.

All in all, a wonderful silly season was had.

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