Saturday 15 December 2012

First flower!

I've managed not to kill all my plants, and this morning I awoke to see that one of my sunflowers has decided to bloom, hurrah! The other two have buds developing on top, but they haven't been quite as lively.

The nasturtium is doing pretty well, too, and is energetically climbing up the window. It is a dwarf compared to some of the ones I grew in the backyard, but still very enthusiastic. I'm tempted to plant another couple of seeds in the sunflower box, where whatever it was I seeded (I don't quite recall) didn't sprout.

   The other plants ... hm. I've managed to kill off most of my poppies - they don't like being repotted. The gerbras seem to be doing well enough after being transplanted. The thyme died, and so did its replacement after becoming infested with something picked up from the mint, which got binned. I now have a new thyme plant, and hopes that it will stick around for awhile.

The orchid isn't dead yet, either.

I think project Greenthumbs is, while not an unqualified success, going reasonably well. Not only that, I was inspired enough today to take a few photographs, which hasn't happened in a while.

.... on the other hand, blogger as a display medium for photographs is driving me slightly insane. I am unsure about how the positioning of photographs and text is interpreted exactly, and I'm spending more time dicking with the html than I am with taking the photos or doing the writing.

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