Sunday 30 December 2012

Obligatory Year Changeover post

So, 2012 is drawing to a close, and 2013 is about to start. It's fairly traditional at this point to look back over the year that's gone, and look forward to the new one.

What happened in 2012?
  • I was depressed for most of it, but I seem to be out from under the worst of it
  • I went to Bendigo, Ballarat, Florence and Seattle for the first time ever
  • I saw the Olympics
  • I cooked a turkey for the first time ever, and in fact, made roasts a regular thing
  • I bought a slow cooker and have been using it with wild abandon
  • I have successfully not killed plants
  • I have tried (and failed several times) to exercise regularly
  • I changed medications from dexamphetamine to modafinil
  • I got out more - although I also did spend a couple of stretches housebound for a month
  • I lost 10kgs
  • Moved to vibrams as my main shoe choice (good for my footsies and spine)

What do I want out of 2013?
  • I want to establish regular exercise, with a view to doing parkour classes regularly
  • I want to go to Florence again, and also Paris, maybe Wales, Cornwall, or Scotland
  • Continue to not kill plants, and establish a working kitchen herb garden on my windowsill
  • Do a photography walk in/around London at least once a fortnight - suggestions for locations solicited
  • More firmly establish the practice of home cooked meals for both of us
  • Establish and grow closer friendships with local people
  • Not lose contact with my friends in Brisbane or around Australia
  • Write more consistently
  • In general, live a more consistently active life, the does not have quite so many bust cycles where I am housebound/bedbound for days/weeks/months at a time
  • Work out what my immediate (2-3 years) goals are, and pursue them
  • Lose the remaining excess weight of about 15kgs
  • Have a more even emotional keel than the previous 3ish years

Well, those are quite some lists. I feel in 2012 I was in a bit of a holding pattern - I didn't accomplish much, not obviously - but getting the better of the diagnosis-related depression is actually kind of huge. I've also mostly got over the culture shock from moving, with a related decrease in my general stress/anxiety levels, which is also noteworthy. 

I'm moderately ambitious for 2013. I'm hoping to establish a new baseline for life that I'm happy with - nothing too major, but enough so that I don't feel like I'm rotting away, or doing the non-tv-watcher's version of sitting at home all day watching daytime TV.

Questions, comments, and suggestions welcome.

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