Monday 20 July 2009

Back again

I've been busy, lately. Mostly I'm twittering/denting these days as @ysabet.

A few quick updates:
- I've been unemployed
- I'm re-employed, as well as doing contract work and trying to start a small business
- I went to railscamp at the Gold Coast, and it was awesome.
- I went to barcamp 3, and it was also awesome.
- I've started making it along to btub events now and again, which is good.
- I'm going to the brisbane.rb meetup now and again, which is also good.
- I'm helping Jerub prepare for OSDC 2009

Current things on my mind.
- money, and how to manage it; gnucash is driving me nuts.
- upgrading from rails 2.1 to 2.3 at work at some point
- writing something for LCA2010. Still looking for inspiration there.

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