Monday 20 July 2009

BarCamp 3: The Search for Flock

BarCamp Brisbane 3 was held on Saturday, 18th July.

Things about the day:

- The venue was good - having a variety of areas to have different clumps of people with reasonable sound isolation was good.
- The DIY whiteboard of post-it notes and butcher's paper was awesome.

On startups - examples of opposite methods was very interesting. Traditional vs . Lawyers and when to get them involved, and how to work with them. How to analyse your potential product from a target-market PoV. Git basics.

So many awesome shiny people! It was good to see many people I haven't had a chance to see since RailsCamp5. Also, meeting new people was very good - the lightning networking sessions were especially good for that.

Upstarta - non-traditional startups, which operate on a $0 budget, no VC, and have a very different approach to becoming a going concern. Starting up a group to share more ideas, methods, and perhaps incubate a few along these lines. Drop me a line if you're interested in attending.
RailsRumble - in a team, looking forward to the competition! Wonder if I can get rockstar to sponsor my team?
Lightning networking - perhaps doing this as a BoF at OSDC, or as a lunch/morning tea/short break feature activity. Will have to see if that flies with the organisers.

Many thanks to the organisers for putting together such an awesome event. I'll be sure to attend the next one.

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