Tuesday 21 July 2009

Listening List

I've recently been able to use my pretty purple ipod nano, and I've started listening to podcasts. Currently on my listening list are:
- rails envy podcast
- pragmatic programmers podcast
- ruby on rails podcast

I'm looking for more things to listen to - I'm interested in minimalist design (of homes as well as code), languages (python, haskell and ruby primarily), coding best practices, books, wine, coffee and tea. Suggestions anyone?


  1. You sound like you're into very serious technical podcasts.. if your after some light entertainment with a tech focus, you could check out Techblah! Best of all, it's created here in Brisbane.

  2. Thanks Anthony :) I've subscribed via iTunes and will check it out.

  3. Thanks for trying it out. please let us know what you think.. Of the tech podcasts I listen to, I think the CNET ones are the best and most entertaining.. buzz out loud, the 404, digital city.. all very good. Also Diggnation is OK. Never really got into the whole TWIT thing... Have fun exploring..