Friday 11 February 2011

Calling for inspiration

This morning I wanted to write a post, here, but I'm lacking in interesting things to talk about. Everything in my life seems to be midway, on hold, or otherwise not write-worthy material.

I haven't really had any new or interesting wines lately, so I can't write reviews. That said, want me to review a wine? Samples gratefully accepted, and shared if you're in the vicinity.

The Ardvino is waiting on more research into current devices, as well as mailing a few winemakers and viticulturalists I know to get their opinion on the utility and interest of such a device. If you're a winemaker reading this, please read this blog post and give me some feedback.

The get healthy/fit/strong/well project is waiting on time, mostly. Workouts are happening, changes aren't yet. I do need a week or so more before I write about the DOMs that was plaguing me earlier.

I could review 'Player of Games' by Ian Banks, but I'm not sure that I'm good enough to review a book like that meaningfully yet. I haven't finished reading 'Excession' either. Hell, I might do it for practice, but I'd rather have interesting material around it first. Oh, and constructive criticism welcome for my review of Max Allen's 'The Future Makers' that would be wonderful.

My ex-NaNoWriMo dungeon campaign is also currently stalled, for want of time.

Clarinet playing is waiting on me getting into a shop and buying some 1.5 reeds, as all mine have perished. Blasted organic products.

Photography is waiting on better software - I'm running CyanogenMod on my phone, and the inbuilt photo software - I can't zoom, I can't fiddle the light balance, zip. Need to find a better app.

I want to get knitting on my Lyra and my shawl again, but I need to find my bits and pieces, and again, there's a time constraint. Anyone interested in perhaps a Sunday or Saturday afternoon knit-in group? Possibly in aircon, with chill tunes. And wine.

I can't write about uni, for two reasons. Semester hasn't started yet, and when it does start, I seriously doubt there will be anything interesting to write about - 2nd year statistics and market research just don't do anything for me intellectually. Climate and weather might be interesting, but as a low-level subject, I'm not sure there will be anything particularly groundbreaking there. Perhaps I should go back over my course material, and write up some of the more interesting aspects I've found about wine production and similar and post them here. It might be pretty dry reading, though.

So, readers: suggestions for topics? Preferably something I only need to throw a couple of hours at to get traction on and write something interesting.

Meanwhile, I'll be out playing laser tag with my workmates. Pew pew!

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  1. Mmm... reading Iain Banks' 'Transition' at the mo'. What's his other stuff like, in your opinion?