Saturday 12 February 2011

Photos taken recently

I've been taking some photographs recently. Images that struck me, I thought were interesting, whatever. Certainly nothing like daily, but now and again, something. The default app on my phone is crap, though. Can anyone suggest anything better?

stick insect

Saw this cute little fella on my way out the door one day.

Leaves against sky 2

Looked up and noticed the pattern of the light through the leaves while waiting for officeworks on Adelaide St to open.

early morning balcony

About 6am or thereabouts, went out to check on how my chilli plant seedlings are coming along. I liked the shadow cast by my balcony fence.

start of a new day 2

Taken slightly earlier, perhaps 5.45am. The clouds made a really interesting effect across the sky. Taken from my study.

There's other stuff on my flickr stream, but not much. Have a gander if you're so inclined: flickr stream.


  1. The watering can is my favourite!
    I think you're on the right track, you're noticing the things people overlook, and they make for interesting photos. I've always thought one of the great things about taking photos is it gets you seeing things you may normally not notice.

    Basic guides such as rule of thirds, etc will be a great help to composition, and then it won't matter what camera you're using. They really are just guides though, not hard and fast rules. There's always a time to break them, it's just not all the time.

    Other thing to think about is distracting things in the photos. Don't just look at what you're wanting to focus on, but everything else around it. There's a lot of things that will draw the eye away from what you're going for, so try to recompose if you have those.

  2. Do I have anything in particular of those distracting things in these photos?

    Hm, I'll google rule of thirds. I'm pretty unfamiliar with visual composition in general, it's all new territory for me.