Wednesday 2 March 2011

365project: Day 5

Light through the wall

Today's choice was a hard one - I took mostly very good photos today. Still, this one won on being more interesting - I had a few flowers, which are beautiful, but flowers are a pretty common subject matter. Taking my dark, gloomy stairwell and making a decent photo out of it, on the other hand, is much more satisfying.

Now I have the equally tricky decision to make of which photo/s get second place ...


  1. I love it! You managed to turn something most people would walk past without even noticing into a really interesting bit of photography, keep up the awesome work ^_^

    best wishes,


  2. Aw *blushes* thanks! Most days I notice it - I should really sweep this, how dull and old and yucky, etc. The light just struck me yesterday as being at just the right angle for a good photo. I'm considering cropping a teensy bit off the top and bottom and seeing how that looks ...