Friday 11 March 2011

365project: Week 2 runner-ups

March 5, Day 8.

One of very few photos I took today.

March 6, Day 9.
No second-place for today.

March 7, Day 10.

Awful lot of choice today. I chose this because it is rather a pretty flower, and I like the colours.

Looking down

This is another view of my stairwell, although it didn't work quite as well as Light through the wall.

March 8, Day 11.

Today was hard - so many great photos! So you're getting a few. This first one was of a rose on the same bush as this day's winner.

A top-down photo of the day's winner.

A side on view of the rosebush, through the fence. For some reason, I keep thinking of the maiden, the mother and the crone looking at these three flowers - one just coming out of bud, one in full flower, and the last one slightly tattered and old.

I found these tiny little flowers off the bikeway. With the sun coming down and illuminating them I just had to take the photo. The lens flare was a fortunate accident. I have another photo of this flower, but the focus didn't come out *quite* right. It's here if you want to look.

Another one of those charming little yellow flowers that featured in Life behind bars. I like the contrast between the climbing flower and the rigid brick fence.

March 9, Day 12.

I really liked the feathery texture of these leaves. Another shot of a different branch, but looking up to the sky:

March 10, Day 13.
New life begins amidst bark

At first I didn't like this photo much, but I've come around. I really love the texture of the bark and how it contrasts with the softness of the seedling growing in it. The perspective and shading from dark to light also seem appropriately dramatic.

March 11, Day 14.

This was really the only photo today I felt worthy of a second place, after I cropped it.

Hope you enjoyed!

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