Tuesday 1 March 2011

365project: Day 4

I hated all my photos today. This was the one I disliked least. At least it's cute.

For days like this, I am starting up a 'Fail' album here.

In keeping with my steadfast faithfulness to a particular tool or set of tools, I've yet again changed hosts, this time to SmugMug.

To recap, I started with F-Spot/Flickr, went to Picasa/PicasaWeb, and arrive today having tried Shotwell/Picasaweb, F-Spot/Picasaweb, settling on F-Spot/SmugMug. I used SmuggLr to export my photos from Flickr, although it fails to import from Picasaweb - I suppose at least I'll have relatively little work to redo. I am slightly annoyed at the sheer fail embodied by the tools available for this sort of thing - surely, exporting to an API isn't that hard?

Oh well. I'll live. But ye gods, what a horrible day.

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