Tuesday 24 April 2012

Achievements 1

To encourage myself and to help me think more positively about myself I've decided to keep a record of things I achieve by doing frequent blog posts. I'm not dating them, because some days I may do none, and others I may do many - either way I don't want to beat myself up for not doing one on a given day, nor do I want to not post because I've already posted that day. What I am not going to record (not here, at any rate) is my fails - past experience tells me that I'll use it as ammunition against my self-image. No achievement is too small or too large for this space. Without further ado, achievement points:
  • Caught up on my twitter feeds.
  • Reduced my inbox from 500/770 read/unread to 269/440. 
  • Washed household towels and cleaning stuff and hung it out.
  • Stacked and ran dishwasher. 
  • Ate an omlette.
  • Got the veges from my weekly veg box put away, and started thinking about uses (muahahaha).
  • Cleaned out the definitely past it veg from the fridge and washed out one of the veg drawers because it was growing, ewww. 
  • I put more files in MusicBrainz Picard to continue my ongoing fix-my-music-collection effort. This has been going on for at least a year now, but hey. If I get a little further every month or so, I should get through it all, right?
  • Finally got around to soaking my ecloth dishscrubby thing in hot water and vinegar because it was starting to smell yuck. 
  • Watered my poor, suffering christmas tree. 
  • Moved the google swag from the living room to the kitchen where it belongs (fluro green cups, hurrah!)
  • Put the cushions back on the couch and the couch-throw away.
  • Filed the recipes that have been sitting on top of my printer for ages in my recipe folder.
  • Had oolong tea for the first time ... and by finding that link discovered that company does loose leaf tea, which I swear they didn't in January. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY *cough* as you were.
  • Did *NOT* immediately purchase a metric *or* imperial ton[ne] of tea.
  • Listened to some more of my backlog of 'A State of Trance' podcasts. Yes, I know. But I find it braincalming and energy-making, so there.
  • Looked at Spotify, but they don't do Linux yet. Their website doesn't list my phone either (HTC Sensation) but I can download and install the app anyway. Sent spotify a note telling them it's missing.
  • Remembered to put my kindle on the charger.
  • Wrote this.
Right. I'll post another one if I get much more done today. 

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