Monday 30 April 2012

Achievements 8 - Triumph despite adversity

Today I have an interview for a job! eek.
  • Read an article about how Women Need Makeup. Did not rant. Much.
  • Did my mobilityWOD. One minute at a time. Holding a full squat is hard, yo.
  • Used google hangouts (for the first time) to talk to some very dear people on the other side of the world
  • Double-checked and finalised tomorrow's grocery deliveries.
  • Polished my boots.
  • Got to interview on time.
  • Instead of wallowing in despair, talked about it to people online and felt better.
  • Went to gym seminar despite feeling horribly drained.
  • Did a workout. Beat last week's run time. 
I still feel utterly awful. Emotionally, today was a Bad Day. BUT I got everything done I set out to do IN SPITE OF THE SAD so in that sense, today was an EXCELLENT DAY where I WON THE EVERYTHING. 


  1. Wallowing in despair? Did interview not go well, honey? Also, you're very dear to us too.

    1. The interview didn't go that badly - but it didn't go well, either, and it brought home how exactly rusty I've become. I felt like a barely literate monolingual idiot instead of a polyglot expert. Call it self esteem, call it vanity, but I was pretty upset - took a lot of helpful advice and sympathy from a few mates online for me to stop crying, and it was a major triumph to get to the gym after that, too.