Tuesday 24 April 2012

Achievements 2

  • Finally transferred home-made chicken stock from icecube trays to ziplock baggies. 
  • Thought about dinner and got meat out of the freezer to defrost. There will be stew. Stew, I say! And maybe dumplings. Not 100% paleo, but well, I do have stuff to use up. And a husband to keep happy. Even if he does make the kicked puppy eyes when I say 'NO TOUCHY' when he tries to lift the lid and check on the dumplings before they're done. Speaking of, I'd better get out more meat and do a bigger batch this time. Last time there were no leftovers and I was all :( because I wanted it for lunch. This time, there will be leftovers! I hope.
  • Had peppermint tea of awesome instead of softdrink for non-water drinking stuff.
  • Put together my gym bag (gym clothes, deodorant, change of undies and socks, pen, notebook). 
  • WENT TO THE GYM. 15min run/walk (1.5km), 3x12 one-arm rows with 4kgs, 3x12 airsquats, 6 knee pushups, 2x30sec planks from knees, a lot of stretching. 
  • Asked about the lose and shape up program running at the gym - 12 week course, primary motivation is accountability and in-person support. I'm thinking about it.
  • Collected my voicemail for the first time ever in the UK.
  • Remembered to buy diced bacon and non-milk on the way home FROM THE GYM. 

Right. Time to make dinner. And have a long, hot bath.

  • Made dinner. Beef and ale stew with gluten and diary free dumplings. Was very tasty.
And now, sleepytime.

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