Thursday 26 April 2012

Achievements 4

  • Got to Ch12 of 'Learning Optimism' before sleeping.
  • Took in and folded the washing I did yesterday.
  • Put a load of my clothes on, including the gym shorts I'll need tomorrow.
  • Inbox: 0/42 awww yeah.
  • Responded to G+ messages.
  • Did my online grocery shopping for next week's order (Note: vast improvement over doing it after when I prefer to have it delivered)
  • Packed a backpack to go to the physio and foodshopping afterwards, instead of running out the door with only my handbag and making my back sore carrying delicious food home in a supermarket bag. 
  • (re)started a food diary at 
  • Played the first two (and so far, only available) levels of .
  • Wrote a shopping list.
  • Finished reading and blogged a book review of 'Learned Optimism'.  
  • Washed my hair.
  •  Made and ate lunch (cheerios! well, kind of - kosher cured turkey and beef cocktail viennas says the label)
  • Hung out washing.
  • Received books.
  • Frowned. Books damaged. Took photogaphs, filled out amazon returns thingy, printed labels. Decided to return them probably Monday or Tuesday. Accomplishment++
  • Wrote a blog post about task management.
  • Went to the physio.
  • Went to the Planet Organic shop in Bayswater and got foodage. Well, it's near Bayswater. Got extra daily constitutional by getting off at Paddington. 
  • Started reading "Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives" by Richard Swenson.
  • Unpacked backpack, packed bag to go out tonight.
  • Went out! 
Aaaand with that, I'm out the door. 

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