Tuesday 19 June 2012

20 - collection of daily musings.

Wednesday 13th: Today was a bit of a nothing day. I've still got a cold, and I'm still waiting for a delivery, so I can't really go anywhere.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, what with being sick and unable to do anything much. 

This is what I've read over the last 3 weeks:
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R R Martin.
The Wheel of Time - Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson (yes, all of it).
The Ender's Game books (including the second series) - Orson Scott Card.
The Hythrun Chronicles - Jennifer Fallon.
... and I'm on book 2 of the Death Gate Cycle by Weis and Hickman.

I'm planning on reading the Sovereign Stone Trilogy (Weis and Hickman) and the Sword of Truth series (Terry Goodkind) next.

Maybe I read a little too much. Or a little too fast, anyhow.

I'm also playing a bit of Diablo 3. I'm trying to get characters of all 5 classes to 60. So far my Demon Hunter is 47, my Wizard 31, my Barbarian 17, my Monk 11, and my Witch Doctor is 10. My motivation for getting them all up is basically my stash is full. I figure I'll have more space if my characters are all about the same level (and thus my stash will only contain items that are higher level).

So far, I'm liking my Demon Hunter best. Wizard is my second choice. I'm not so fussed on the Barbarian or Monk, and I just don't like the Witch Doctor at all. I don't like the art, I don't like how the character walks, I don't like the spells, and I really can't figure out anything I do like. The sole and only reason for this character to exist is so I can get the related achievements.

Tuesday 19th:

Yes, a big gap there. I got utterly flattened by that cold. Saturday I had a nice day out taking photographs in Brighton, but Sunday and Monday were kind of nightmarish. Aside from being horribly ill, I was really really sore from all the walking/bending/crouching/etc I did. Anyway, I finished off the Death Gate cycle, and I'm reading book 1 of the Sovereign Stone Trilogy.

There will be a photography post, once I recover a bit more. I'll get my backside into gear and do the one from Kirkland, too. And finish knitting that hat. Right now, though, it's about all I can do to sip a cup of lemon and ginger tea with honey and sit upright. I hate being sick. A lot.

I did make it to the weekly gym seminar thingo last night. I was reminded that I need to drink more water. Especially since I'm sick and a lot of it is coming out my nose. So I have a goal of drinking about 2L of water today. Thus far, I've managed about 300mL. If I empty my water glass, my mug of tea, and the bottle of NeuroSport on my desk, I'll be up to about 1.2L, I think.

I bought a new cookbook - "Well Fed". Amongst other things, it includes recipes that rely on a big (~1hr) cookup session once a week, so that the rest of the week is basically assembling (rather than cooking) the meals. This suits me, as I don't have much energy to really spend on such things. The only annoying thing is that quite a few of the recipes rely on foods I don't think I can get around here - spaghetti squash and jicama. Any Londoners reading this blog, feel free to tell me where to get these things. I am curious and would like to try them.

Today, being a Tuesday, is the day I get food delivered, and also the day I get the cleaner to come around. So far today, I've put the groceries away (but not the veges) and done some tidying. The dearly beloved things I'm crazy for cleaning up for the cleaner, but there is a reason. Well, a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I don't pay for my time. And I've only booked them for two hours. Now, I would have thought that 2 hours was plenty of time to clean a not overly messy/dirty 45 sq m dwelling, but apparently not. Admittedly, it takes me a bit longer - maybe 3 hrs - but then, I'm a lot more thorough than they are.  And I don't do it for a living. And it's really easy for me to wear myself out and collapse so I go slowly. And I get sidetracked into reorganising things rather than just cleaning them.

Blah. I'll talk to the agency about it if I can be bothered. Not that I expect much to happen.

So tired ... once the cleaner has done her thing, I'm going to head for another nap. Sleep is the great healer, so I'm told. 

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