Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cooking: EggThing

Yesterday, between researching parkour, grumbling about couriers, trying new tea, and stretching, I cooked an Egg Thing. It involves eggs, veges, ham, and an oven.

It's two serves, so yesterday's lunch and today's breakfast. It's much tastier than my previous stab at a similar dish, I think because I reduced the amount of non-egg things in it. Still, it does have spinach, capsicum, onion and mushrooms in it, so I did make progress on reducing the amount of veges in my fridge :)

So I fried the onion, mushrooms, capsicum and garlic together.

Then I put the veges in a baking dish, and added in 6 beaten eggs, with a bit of oat cream, mixed herbs, salt, and pepper mixed in. And threw a couple handfuls of fresh spinach on top.

Threw it in the oven at about 170C for around 40 minutes, and it came out looking pretty awesome.

And then, there was noms.

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