Friday 22 June 2012

21, finding a new groove

So Monday, in theory, was the start of the new 6 week cycle. I'm going to take today (Wednesday) or perhaps tomorrow as the start instead, due to this rotten cold. Despite said cold, I've managed a few things.

  • Wrote up a log of yesterday's activities. This was requested because of a 6 week course I'm doing.
  • Weighed myself. 80.5kgs. Hmm, says I.
  • Washed the sheets
  • Had breakfast BEFORE MIDDAY. 
  • Ran dishwasher.
  • Wrote up a workout plan and daily fitness habit for above course. 
  • Hung out laundry.
  • Outside temp was in the 20s, so I opened up the house to air a bit. The major bugbear about living in London is having to keep the house shut up most of the time.
  • Got my barbarian to level 25. That means all my characters are 20 or higher, so I can sell off all my sub-20 rare items and free up stash space. Next step: everything to level 30. Although I'm going to be nice to myself and level my Demon Hunter a bit more. And my wizard. I'll stop if I fill up my stash again, though. That was annoying, not having any space to put items.
  • Played a bunch of cooperative quests in D3. Yay achievements!
  • Forgot to publish this for two days. Oh well. 

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