Friday 9 November 2012

Feats I.

The achievement posts I was doing earlier this year worked for propping up my self esteem and making me a) feel like I was doing something and b) giving me the wherewithal to do more things.

Numbering restart, change of title, etc.

The photo is a vintage car I saw on my walk to the nursery. 

8th Nov:
  • Woke up around 8am.
  • Filled in my status update on Patients Like Me.
  • Had AM dose.
  • Showered, including using my new Biotherm skincare stuff.
  • Did laundry.
  • Talked to Mum on Skype for a while. 
  • Hung out laundry.
  • Wrote a generic update on how I've been going over the last few months.
  • Signed up to become a "Friend of Normand Park". It's a park nearby, with allotments. I'm thinking about getting an allotment next year.
  • Checked and emptied undersink dripcatching cup. Cleaned up mess, replaced with larger cup, since apparently 350ml is too small for 24hrs worth of drip.
  • Had PM dose. 
  • Had food.
  • Went to World's End Nurseries, got 20L bag of compost, carried it home. Ow. 
  • Had a bottle of coke on the walk there, because I was feeling tired.
  • Got started on my overall tasklist, using Workflowy. I'll write a post about my tasklist at some point.
  • Changed next week's physio appointment time because something came up for my physio. Bonus: it now no longer conflicts with my style/colour assessment appointment. 
  • Drank about 2L of water or so. And 2 very large mugs of yerba mate tea. I'm testing to see if inadequate hydration has been a contributing factor to my ongoing fatigue and uncertain sleep. 
  • Packed up a bunch of stuff to give away at a clothes swap - mostly shoes, socks, and some businesswear that needs a new home.
  • Started writing post about my tasklist. Meta, wot.
  • At said clothes swap, accidentally came home with a full length coat, 2 skirts, and a handbag.
  • SAW PEOPLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A MONTH. Hi, goths. Howzit goin'?
  • Got home at 2am. Did not leave stuff in cab.  
  • Emptied the not-quite-full leak-catching cup underneath the sink. That's about 500mL of drip in about 8hrs. Worrying. It has definitely got worse in the last week or two.
  • Made oven chips for a early-morning-before-bed snack. 
Misc thoughts:

I really enjoyed seeing people tonight. I wish I could see people more often, form deeper relationships, etc. I miss that kind of thing. Immensely. But no one lives out this way, and no one knows me well enough to want to make the effort of coming out this way (fair enough, really).  I miss being part of an ongoing social conversation. I miss being noteworthy. Honestly, I doubt anyone around here missed me in my six week absence. I'm simply not embedded enough on anyone's radar for that to be noticeable. Not surprising, really, given that I'm simply not around most of the time. I'm pretty sure such a thing would be ... well, challenging, to say the least.

At any rate, it's about the time of day (4am) where I should do the sleeping thing. 'night all.

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