Friday 9 November 2012

Feats II.

November 9th:
  • Didn't sleep because of owwie neck and shoulder. Sigh.
  • Had AM dose.
  • Was told I was appreciated for all the stuff I make happen around here. That made me happy. I sometimes feel the magic house fairy is invisible.
  • Started thinking about and writing down my life/fitness goals for the next six week cycle.
  • Worked on my ToDo list
  • Started my bucket list
  • Wrote more about tasks and management or lack thereof of same.
  • Tried to call mum and dad on skype.
  • Spent time on Facebook.
  • Cleaned up my inbox a bit.
  • Did my veg box order for next week.
  • Had painkillers.
  • Reported a website error to my veg box company.
  • Filled in a survey for Ocado, in hopes of winning 100 quid grocery money.
  • Found inspiration for my six week goal cycle. 
  • Wrote more, nearly fell asleep sitting up.
  • Ate food, had a cup of tea, and read Animal Farm.
  • Told Ocado that their automail was spamming me about a non existent delivery. Got an autoresponder email back. Nice.
  • Browsed Ikea's website for lighting to put near my plants.
  • Got sidetracked into looking up lightbulbs on This would be more useful if I knew what kind of lightbulbs were in the sockets in my house.
  • Tried to reach a lightbulb.
  • Started my Ocado shop for next week.
  • Wrote meal plan for up to next Tuesday. Well, some of it.
  • Re-investigated slowcookers, and definitely decided on the Cusinart PSC650U. 
  • Bought the slowcooker, it should arrive Monday. Before midday.
  • Looked at about a billion slowcooker recipes.
  • Took my laundry in.
  • Emptied out the drip catch cup for the third time today.
  • Randomly found a recipe for Vegan butter for baking.
  • And then I found a recipe for Gluten Free Brioche. No prizes for guessing what I want to experiment with at some point. 
  • Wrote up my goals properly. Ish, anyway.
  • Had some dinner.
  • Had a hot bath.
Today was one of those days where I feel like I did bugger all and just moped at my desk and was generally a bit of a washout. It's a pretty active kind of bugger all now that I'm looking at it, though.

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  1. We all appreciate our invisible house fairies, even if we don't always say. But just looking at a big list of things like that is a good indicator that, appreciated or not, you're getting stuff done. And that's the big thing :-)