Monday 12 November 2012

Feats III - weekend edition.

Saturday, November 10th:
Bad sleep last night. Drippy nose, shoulder and neck pain. Woke up with eyes and face more swollen than yesterday.
Had morning dose, and an antihistamine.
Organised to have dinner with my father in law.
Had breakfast at Love Walk Cafe with the dearly beloved, at about 1pm.
Emptied drip cup under sink.
Put away clothing that had migrated to the living room.
Cuddled on the couch with the dearly beloved for half an hour.
Had afternoon dose.
Looked up a few recipes for the coming week, to make sure I had everything I need in my groceries, cupboard, and fridge.
Made a note to myself to actually print out the recipes that I use, so that I can use them again without scratching my head going 'I wonder where I got that from'. This is one of those proactive laziness things I need to start doing more of.
Stacked and ran dishwasher.
Finished Pyramids, started Reaper Man.
Caught up to 7th October on twitter. Yes, I have a backlog.
Had a nice dinner at a posh place with my dearly beloved and father in law. Omnomnom.

Sunday, November 11th:
Cooked a rocking lamb roast dinner.
Tidied up afterwards.
Started being violently ill around 1am.

Monday, November 12th.
Continued being violently ill.

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