Saturday 12 May 2012

13, with links to many photographs!

So, I've thought maybe I should put a photo with each of these, to make them less boring. Not that they are necessarily boring, but as an exercise in anything other than propping up my self-esteem, they lack interest. To me, anyhow. If you've got a different opinion, feel free to share it :P

Also I want to get back into daily (or semi-daily) photography. Well, at least, more frequent photography. Not sure I want to attempt a 365 project again - it might be more stress than it's worth at the present.

Here's a picture for you, taken on my way to the physio.

So, anyway, on with the things I've managed to do:
  • Went to physio, got told I'm inspirational and I'm doing all the right things. Yay!
  • Processed and uploaded LOTS AND LOTS OF PHOTOS. Many, even. Some from stargazing near Ballarat, the trip to Edinburgh in December, some trains in Tiaro, some chicken soup, and the alchemy exhibition in the Science Museum. And some flowers.
  • Talked to my brother on skype for a couple of hours, which was awesome. 
  • Started researching new lenses for my upcoming travel. I am teh confused. Is it possible to replace my 18-50mm and my 55-200mm lenses with a single lens? With image stabilisation? I'd like to do that if possible - that and my nifty fifty and a macro lens would cover everything I currently want, I think. Recommendations for an extremely amateur photographer who photographs flowers, architecture, and art but not people? Canon platform, btw. Actually, I'm going to make a post on this. Stay tuned.
  • Researched what I'm doing to do on my Florence trip. Looking at seeing the Uffizi Gallery, Argenti Museum, the Accademia, and a couple of walking tours of various districts. I'm there Sunday through Sunday, first week of July. Oh, and we're coming up through Pisa. :D
  • Definitely keeping up the exercise - managed to get 40min walk on Thursday. I think I'm going to go back to High Street Kensington to do a photo shoot of a church there, on a day when it isn't raining quite so much. 

This took ages to publish because I was waiting for my photos to upload. Soooo many photos. I should really keep up with them better - then again, that's exactly what I'm doing! Props to me.


  1. I replaced my 18-55mm with a 24-135 f3.5-5.6 USM.
    It doesnt have as much wide angle and i've been informed its not great for low light situations and is primarily a daylight lens. But i appreciate it because it has more length and faster focusing. The other benefit is they are a kit lens for the midrange ##D's so you can pick them up cheap as the semi-pros upgrade. About $350Aud

    1. Hm, that's worth considering as an upgrade, although I will probably also then want a wide angle lens - I find that I use that lower end quite frequently. I also frequently shoot in low light conditions with shaky hands ... how would the lens you recommend perform under those conditions at the 135mm end of the range?

    2. The 28-135mm does have IS, and its better to bring up the ISO than shoot at slower than 1/20s freehand in the dark. But i have had focusing issues with the AF at night.
      I plan to get a wide angle lens that covers the range i am missing for now sometime in the future. For now im practicing portraits rather than landscapes.

      I shall take some test shots and upload the results to Google+

    3. Hm, that's definitely something to consider for my next upgrade, then. Link me when you post those test shots, if you would. Thanks!