Monday 14 May 2012

15, for great justice

Okay, so the 'for great justice' part is utterly random. On to the dailyish installment!
  • Finished uploading all my Kew Gardens photos. All 441 of them.
  • Put my picks of the pics into a blog post. I was restrained, there's only about 70 photos in there. 
  • Redid my website design very slightly so that photos are nicer in photo posts. Especially when there are many of them. Totally coincidence I did this today. Really. 
  • Took a photo of my street.
  • Wrote a post about my lens dilemma, which included looking up a lot of prices and reviews and thinking and all that fun stuff.
  • Then it was midday, and I relaxed. Seriously, I've done a lot yesterday, today, and this past week in general. So ... relaxation. Including a long hot bath and Portal 2.
  • Pondered my photography future, tweeted about it. May actually blog about it soon. 
  • Read more of "The Way of Kings" by Brandon Sanderson. Man, I hate new series. So long before the next book!
  • Got my laundry done.
  • Had a good nights' sleep.

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