Wednesday 9 May 2012

Photo day - letting it all hang out

I washed my hair today, and let it dry without bothering to style it much. It's gotten quite long, so I snapped a couple of shots. In related news, I learnt how to use the delay function on my camera. Here's a decent one.

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Also, self-portraiture is tricky.

As always, click through to the full gallery; and feedback is welcome, since I am a wee bit clueless.


  1. It is kind of pretty, isn't it? Not that I can take much credit - it just grows in that colour.

  2. Looks good, nice use of texture and colour.
    Try aligning along the 1/3 lines. So for this pic I'd say turn or move the camera so the door is just out of frame. then the hair will fall down the left 1/3 line and frame it a little better.