Saturday 12 May 2012

14, in which I drink too much

On the bright side, social life, right? Also, I'm making these things more high level now that I'm doing more stuff.
  • Did much research on camera lenses.
  • Had a date with the dearly beloved at Vagabond, and had delicious wine.
  • Went out to the wee hours for a hens' night. 
  • The following morning, got out of bed and spent the day at Kew Gardens, whereupon I took many, many, many photographs.
  • Processed those photographs, including making a shortlist of the ones I liked a lot.
  • Started a blog post for all the photographs that were awesome.
  • Got about halfway through Brandon Sanderson's "The Way of Kings", book one of the Stormlight Archives.
  • Started uploading all the photos. ALLLLLLL the photos.
  • Went to bed at a sensible time for a change.

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