Wednesday 16 May 2012

17, someone set us up the bomb

Many things occurred.

Housework, as usual. I spend a lot of my time dong this. Well, half an hour to two hours a day, concentrated before breakfast.

I was having a relaxing day, cruising along, installing diablo 3, looking at cabin luggage online since one of ours is dying. That kind of thing. Then, most of the way through a particular quest, my mouse stops working properly.

I have a razer naga epic, which I got in November last year. It now has a really weird failure mode - it works as a pointer, but not as a clicker or keypad. Or, well, it does sometimes - about every 50ith keypress or so. This is while it's wired, by the way. I've written an email to the manufacturer, and hopefully I can either get it replaced under warranty or some form of diagnosis leading to a fix. This, however, ruined my day. I mean seriously, even if you're a fairly chipper person, having your favourite toy busted is going to make you a wee bit cranky.

Instead of ranting and raving about it, I gave myself a free pass to not cook beef and ale stew  with dumplings for dinner as I was planning, and get the dearly beloved to cook our colcannon bastardasation instead. I know that comfort food is considered a bad thing, but honestly? A good meal makes me high. Most people I know who comfort-eat don't get euphoria from it. I do. A really good meal that matches exactly what I want to eat makes me high for hours.

Also, I read about two thirds of "A Fire Upon the Deep" by Vernor Vinge. Awesome book, you should go read it. Science fiction, involving really alien aliens. Won a Hugo award.

Mood restored, I tried to play Diablo 3 using my dearly beloved's mouse, but I couldn't get past that first mini game - you know, the one where it says 'Retrieving Hero List'. It's really hard. 

Then I stayed up waaaaay too late playing Portal 2, until my brain stopped working, then I found I could log into Diablo 3, and well. Stayed up later.

This morning, I'm a bit tired, but oh well. These things, they happen.

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