Wednesday 2 May 2012

Achievements 10

Once more into the breech ...
  • Caught up on twitter and email around 8am
  • Filled in yesterday's food diary. Note to self: eat more. About double.
  • Talked to my mum on skype, yay!
  • Cleaned up kitchen lots.
  • Emptied bins.
  • Had breakfast in the AM.
  • Tidied the house.
  • Ordered some electrolyte powder and protein powder, since things like powerade are expensive, and I need more easy-to-consume protein in my diet.
  • Read up on chicken soup recipes. I feel like chicken soup for dinner tomorrow, and we have some chicken-with-bones in that needs using.
  • Also read up on savoy cabbage recipes. Seems I can do my usual bacon, onion and garlic trick - that'll go nicely with some rib eye steak and maybe some mashed spud, I reckon.
  • Joined up on MyFitnessPal, since MyNetDiary decided to start charging extra for services I'd already paid for. 
  • Went to the gym, and did a lot of strength work.
  • Had a nomnom awesome meal of rib eye steak, savoy cabbage&leek, mashed spud, and shaved lean ham for dinner, putting me pretty close to my nutrition targets for today.
  • Another long, hot bath to offset the strength work and hopefully make me less sore tomorrow.
  • MobiltyWOD - forward hip flexor stretch. I modified it, since the example given stretched my quads rather than my hips.
'Night all.

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